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Recent studies indicate that cases of insomnia being reported is ever on the increase. Everyone will experience sleep problems from time to time - which is totally normal. On the flip side, it is estimated that at least 1 in 3 residents in the UK experience sleeping problems on a regular basis - which is extremely worrying!

People that experience regular sleepless nights are said to have insomnia. Regular disruption to our sleeping pattern means the body is regularly not getting a chance to fully charge and can be the cause of more serious health conditions therefore it is important to identify what is causing the insomnia.

Identifying the cause may take some time and doctors generally advise people suffering from chronic insomnia or sleep deprivation to use sleeping pills as a short-term treatment option to help them get the rest the need. Most sleeping pills are extremely powerful and aid sleep quickly even in people suffering from insomnia, but are a short-term treatment option only and should be used for no longer than two to four weeks.

Are Sleeping Pills Bad for You?

There are a number of studies that say sleeping pills are bad for you, but this is the case with all medication if the usage and dosage instructions are not closely adhered to. On the other hand, many studies have been done to identify the benefits of the medication. In fact, given that we need to get a good night's sleep for our body to recharge properly, the benefits of this medication greatly outweigh the risk of developing more serious mental health problems due to sleep deprivation.

Types of Sleeping Pills

There are many types and kinds of medicine available in this category but the two main types of drugs that are commonly prescribed by doctors for treating insomnia are non-benzodiazepines. The reason why doctors prescribe these drugs is because they actually do work, unlike the over the counter sleeping tablets or natural sleeping pills - which are not clinically proven to be effective sleep aid tablets.

If you are suffering from chronic insomnia it is advised to steer clear of Nytol herbal sleeping pills such as Nytol one a night which are antihistamines designed to treat allergies and are available over the counter without a prescription. These sleep aid tablets only make you feel sleepy as a side effect and are less likely to prevent rebound insomnia therefore they are not recommended.

How do Sleeping Pills Work?

Strong sleeping tablets are specially designed to aid sleep quickly and effortlessly in people suffering from insomnia. Sedative, hypnotic and benzodiazepine sleep aid tablets all work on receptors in the nervous system and block abnormal brain activity which in turn helps create a feeling of calmness and relaxation which is essential to aid sleep.

Some sleeping tablets work to induce sleep, but may not work to prevent frequent awakenings during the night. It is important to select a sleep aid that works best to treat your condition, if you wake up frequently during the night then you will benefit more from a sleep aid which works to aid sleep and also works to prevent frequent awakenings.

How Long do Sleeping Pills take to Kick in?

Sleeping pills, that are specially designed to aid sleep generally start to work very quickly, usually within 30 min of consumption. Because they work so quickly it is always advised to take the medication just before you want to go to sleep. There are a number of factors which can hinder the onset time. For example, taking the medicine on a full stomach (after a heavy meal) will usually make the drug longer take longer to kick in, and weaken the effects of the medicine.

Sleeping Pills Dosage Guide

If you are taking a medicine for the first time it is advised that you carefully read the patient information leaflet to determine the ideal dosage for your condition and age, weight, etc. It is generally advised for patents to try the smallest available dosage of a new medication then to build up gradually as or when needed.

By reading the patient information leaflet you will also be able to ensure you are not taking other medications that could interact with the sleep aid.

How Long do Sleeping Pills Last?

Depending on the type of sleep aid that you select and your BMI (body mass index) the duration of effects may differ slightly. While there may be some fluctuation, and some factors that can influence the duration of action, for the most part sleep aid tablets that are specially formulated to aid sleep usually help keep users asleep for up to 8 hours. Because this medicine lasts for up to 8 hours, users are advised to only take a sleep aid if they have enough time get a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Strong Sleeping Pills Side Effects

Although these medications are for the most part well tolerated, there are side effects that are associated with these medications and patient should only take sleep aid medication after consultation with a medical professional. By equipping themselves with all the necessary information it is believed that users minimize the risk of experiencing sleeping pills side effects and maximize their chances of restoring their natural sleep wake cycle.

The most common side effects associated with strong sleeping pills include daytime drowsiness, or dizziness, light-headedness, diarrhea, dry mouth and bitter taste, mild stomach problems and headaches. Less common side-effects associated with these medications include balance or co-ordination problems, burning or tingling in the arms, legs or feet and hallucinations or delusions. If patients experience any unpleasant side-effects, they should stop taking the medication and consult with a medical professional if the problem persists. This information is not a replacement for professional medical advice.

Are Sleeping Pills Safe for Everyone

Clinical studies indicate that the benefits of strong sleeping pills greatly outweigh the mild side effects associated with these medicines. Users should however only take these medicines in the dosage schedule outlined by a medical professional. Users are also advised to read the patient information leaflet provided with the medication to familiarize themselves with any side-effects that may be experienced.

Users should consult with a medical professional before taking strong sleeping pills if they are pregnant or breast feeding, suffer from kidney or liver problems, myasthenia gravis (a muscle wasting condition), irregular breathing, dependency difficulties or mental health problems.

Can You Overdose on Sleeping Pills?

Simply put yes, it is possible to have a sleeping pills overdose. When users are prescribed a course of sleep aid medication it is important that they take the medication only in the dosage prescribed. When too many sleeping pills are taken or the medication is mixed with alcohol or other drugs, users increase the risk of serious side effects including an overdose. In the event of serious side-effects or an overdose, users should contact the emergency services immediately.

Strong Sleeping Pills Reviews

Taking the time to check the reviews for a website or company before using their services is a quick and easy way to check the authenticity of the business. It also helps shoppers gain some valuable insight into the quality of goods or services that they are likely to receive. Five minutes spent checking the reviews before you purchase can save hours later on and helps stop people falling foul to internet fraud. By checking the latest sleeping pills reviews and taking the time to post a review after you have used a company's services, users can influence future shoppers and help businesses improve their service.

Which are the Best Sleeping Pills

Non-benzodiazepines are generally understood to be the best sleeping pills as there are fewer side effects the next day - such as daytime sleepiness / drowsiness. This is especially evident in the elderly (over the age of 65 years). Zopiclone 7.5 mg and Zolpidem 10 mg belong to this category of medication and both are regarded as highly effective sleep aid medications. These medications have a faster hypnotic action onset and a quicker clearance time which helps to minimise after effects or residual daytime sedation. Although benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepines are both effective for treating sleep disorders the lack of daytime sedation associated with non-benzodiazepines makes them the preferred choice of many.

Can You Buy Sleeping Pills Over the Counter?

High street stores and supermarkets like Boots, Superdrug and Tesco make it possible to buy just about any type of medication over the counter. Unfortunately, when it comes to buying sleeping pills over the counter in the UK choices are limited. Unless patients have a prescription, they are left to select from an assortment of herbal potions, antihistamines and cold or flu remedies with sedative properties. Although some of the medications available over the counter can help some people fall asleep, they are not effective for everyone. These medications are also unlikely to maintain sleep for the full 6 - 8 hours or treat the underlying cause of the condition.

Can You Buy Sleeping Pills Online?

Thankfully internet pharmacies are providing an alternative option to buy sleeping pills online. Online pharmacies do not have the high overheads and operating costs associated with a traditional high street store or pharmacy. The fact that these pharmacies are able to target a far larger customer base allows them to purchase medication in bulk. These savings are passed on directly to their customers and more often than not, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

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